Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations (MuCEM) Opens in Marseille, France 

mucem-marseille-musee-ricciottiJust last week on June 7th, the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations (MuCEM) opened in Marseille, France, after much anticipation from the international art community.

At a price tag of €191 million, the MuCEM seeks to portray the Mediterranean as a hub of diverse and great civilisations, highlighting the notion of a shared history – “what connects and what separates them” – amongst many different cultures which range from Spain to Turkey to Algeria. It is said to feature over 1 million artifacts from all around the Mediterranean basin. Described as “purely structural”, the museum was designed by French-Algerian architect Rudi Riciotti, and its ultra-modern design has received mixed reviews.

Not only an exhibition space for temporary and permanent collections of artwork from the region, the MuCEM will be offering theatrical and musical performances, lectures and talks, and even Mediterranean-flavoured cooking classes. index

To learn more about the MuCEM’s exhibitions, location and offerings, visit the official website by clicking here.


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