Martin Klimas’ Exploding Flowers and “Sonic” Exhibition on September 18th, 2013 at the Foley Gallery in NY, USA 

"Flower 6", Rapid Bloom

“Flower 6”, Rapid Bloom

German photographer Martin Klimas has recently produced two remarkable sets of photographs that are particularly worthy of mention, one of which will be featured in an exhibition opening tomorrow, September 18th, 2013. Based in Düsseldorf, Mr. Klimas has made a name for himself for his use of high-speed photography, capturing moments of intense action in an image. 

One especially striking set entitled “Rapid Bloom” features flowers which seem to be shattering before the viewers eyes. Mr. Klimas achieved this effect by placing the flowers in liquid nitrogen, stripping them of their suppleness and rendering them extremely delicate; he then shot them with an air gun to give the impression of an explosion. For their part, the blooms are reduced from one whole part to a thousand shards in a second.

Paint set to the tune of "Pharaoh's Dance" by Miles Davis

Paint set to the tune of “Pharaoh’s Dance” by Miles Davis

Mr. Klimas’ upcoming project, however, is focused on capturing a different element of nature: music. The Foley Gallery, located in New York City, NY, USA, will be hosting the “Sonic” exhibit, due to open to the public tomorrow, September 18th, 2013 and running until the beginning of November of this year.

“Sonic” gives a visual dimension to music in its exploration of how liquid paint responds to different styles of music whilst being poured over a speaker blaring the music of choice. The response is determined by the paints reaction to the vibrations of the track, and Klimas’ own artistic flair is provided by his varied colour choice.

For more images of the Rapid Bloom series, please click here. For information about the “Sonic” exhibition, please click here. For more information about the Foley Gallery, please click here. To visit Mr. Klimas’ website, please click here.


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