Cuban-American Photographer Abelardo Morell Blends Photography with Surrealism in Exploration of Traditional Techniques and Subjects 

Boston-based photographer Abelardo Morell is a true jack of all photographic trades – and a master of every single one.

"View of Central Park Looking North - Fall, 2008"

“View of Central Park Looking North – Fall, 2008”

Born in Havana, Cuba, Mr. Morell immigrated to the United States as a young adult, where he attended both Bowdoin College and Yale School of Art. A quick scan of his resumé reveals a lifetime of artistic achievements in the form of multiple exhibitions and awards from a multitude of international institutions.

Of his many collections, one is deemed “Camera Obscura”, in which he utilises camera obscura techniques to blend an exterior, outdoor CO-Venice-Bedroom-color_06_slideenvironment with the interior of a given room setting; this includes the projection of the natural environment onto the walls of the room through use of a prism and, in combining digital technology with this age-old technique, Mr. Morell paints a more balanced “marriage” of the two seemingly opposite worlds.

The result are striking, almost surreal compositions of colour, grade and pattern, generating a contrast of either vegetal, verdant scenery or iconic building facades with the strict architectural contours of the inner chambers of private homes.

"Le Antichita Romane by Piranesi #1, 1994"

“Le Antichita Romane by Piranesi #1, 1994”

Mr. Morell’s personal website features additional creative projects of equal depth and interest. “Books” is especially unique for its photographic perspective of books, and is of particular relevance given the beauty that is captured through the process of documenting a tradition that is slowly being replaced by technology.

Local Bostonians are advised to keep an eye out for this artist, given his presence in the area.



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