Beyt by 2b Design in Cambridge, MA Doubles as Social Enterprise/Design Firm with Mission to Save and Repurpose Architectural Heritage 

Beyt by 2b Design, a social enterprise based in Cambridge, MA, 550607_382265838485664_700694584_nplaces importance on the preservation of cultural and architectural preservation. Known casually as Beyt, it is owned by an international design/business-savvy couple who pick through salvage yards in Syria, Lebanon and Egypt to salvage parts of destroyed traditional homes, which they then upcycle into stunning and unique home design pieces.

Beyt’s mission also involves minority empowerment and post-conflict reconciliation, and it therefore prioritises employing individuals from minority communities, including women, downloadthe disabled, the Roma, refugees and the homeless, among others. These employees aide in the creative process of reimagining Beyt’s pieces, most of which are crafted from 18th, 19th and 20th-century wrought iron gates and wooden frames which are transformed into lamps, candleholders and tables.

Another point of interest is Beyt’s repurposing of 19th century French, hand-dyed linen bridal dowries in crafting charming lampshades that they pair with their lamps.images

For those who are interested in decorating their homes with pieces that are sure to start a conversation, check out Beyt’s flagship store at 185 Mt. Auburn St., just off of Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA. If you aren’t in town, click here to visit their online shop.


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